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Introducing The Mummy MOT – your one stop “get my body back” assessment

Congratulations, you made a human! That’s amazing. Your body just did an incredible thing, and hopefully it’s come through the process well.

If your body isn’t quite what you were hoping for after delivery you’re in the right place. Women commonly experience a weak bladder or incontinence, back and pelvis pain and symptoms of things not feeling “quite right” in the vagina. Sometimes returning to sex can also be uncomfortable or painful. Don’t be embarrassed! This can all be effectively treated and we’re here to help you get back to normal.

The Mummy MOT is a postnatal assessment of the abdominal and pelvic area carried out by a Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, ideally after baby is 6 weeks old. You have your posture, breathing, tummy gap and pelvic floor strength checked and get the opportunity to discuss any other aches and pains you may have had since delivery. You receive a report of the findings on the day (like an MOT) and following the assessment you’re prescribed a safe and effective 6-week rehab plan to get your body back to where you want it.

It is recommended for all women following child birth, so whether you are 6 weeks or 6 years post childbirth the Mummy MOT is for you.

The Mummy MOT is a revolution in the care and management of postnatal women and will help to prevent and treat the development of common postnatal problems.

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