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What to expect at your first session

Don’t be embarrassed – pelvic health issues happen.

Around a third of all women have incontinence. A third of your friends! Fifty percent of female athletes are incontinent during sport – and those aren’t the ones who’ve had babies. The rate of vaginal laxity (or some form of Prolapse) is high in women who’ve had one baby, let alone two (30-70%, depending on who you talk to – they’re like inside wrinkles in a bit of the body that’s meant to stretch. Honest. And totally treatable).

Physiotherapy treatment has a HUGE success rate. So why don’t more people seek out pelvic health physio…? (In France they get it automatically after having a baby!)

Embarrassment? Fear of what will happen at the appointment?

Physiotherapy treatment has a great success rate and should be taken up by more women and men with pelvic health issues. But booking and attending that first appointment can be daunting.

Watch Gillian McCabe (www.GillianMcCabe.co.uk) and I discuss what happens at that first crucial physio appointment. Once you’ve got through that it’s plane sailing!