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Jilly Bond ant/postnatal pelvic health physiotherapy

I’m Pregnant and I hurt

Pregnancy isn’t meant to hurt, but a lot of women struggle on with back, groin and pubic bone pain – known as Pelvic Girdle Pain. Ligaments soften during your pregnancy to help delivery, and the added weight of carrying the baby can change your posture and strain your back and hips. Physiotherapy can treat this effectively and quickly – so don’t let it ruin your pregnancy! Most women feel much better after just a few weeks of physiotherapy to strengthen their pelvis and bump.

I’ve had a Baby and I don’t feel right

Getting fit and toned after giving birth can be embarrassing if your pelvic floor isn’t quite up to the job. A combination of weakness in the pelvic floor and tummy muscles can cause bladder and bowel problems, and a lot of new mums also have back, pelvis and hip pain.

Going back to the gym or running too quickly and too far without the right core strength can make these problems worse, not better – but we know how to fix it. Book a postnatal check-up with us to get your bespoke recovery plan.

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