Specialist treatment for pelvic pain, bladder and bowel issues

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One in three women suffer from incontinence

Up to 50% of women also have a vaginal prolapse and many have pain with intimacy. A lot of people struggle with poorly managed Bladder Pain Syndrome (also known as Interstitial Cystitis) and many men live with chronic prostatitis or incontinence after prostate surgery. These are conditions that can be treated highly effectively with specialist physiotherapy, which is now known to be the “Gold standard” first-line treatment for conditions such as incontinence or prolapse.

Often these conditions are due to a problem with the pelvic floor muscles –they can be weak, too tight or be poorly controlled. Constipation can also play a part. A lot of women think it’s normal to have problems after you’ve had a baby – but it’s not! It can take some time to pluck up the courage to seek help, but remember it’s all treatable.

Doing pelvic floor exercises (or “Kegels”) can help many problems, but not if you’re too tight to start with! A proper assessment with a specialist pelvic health physiotherapist is your first step to getting dry and comfortable. Until then, have a look at my vlogs page to start your recovery.

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