Changed my clients lives for the better

Wayne Lewis

“Hi Jilly just a short message to say a massive thanks for getting me back to full fitness, it is down to your commitment and professionalism that I can again pursue my passion which as you know is anything to do with mountains. Also thank you for not treating me as a typical 57 year old, but realizing I still have sporting ambitions and challenges to achieve. Last weekend I took a group of lads to north Wales climbing and walking, we spent at least 7 hours a day in the mountains something I couldn’t have done this time last year. So again many thanks to you and keep up the good work.

Yours Gratefully, Wayne Lewis”


“Jilly is lovely and made me feel comfortable throughout my treatment. I had horrendous pelvic pain after giving birth and couldn’t cough without wetting myself. It’s so much better now. I can’t thank you enough!”


“I didn’t know that physio for this existed, I thought I was getting old and would have to put up with leaking. After treatment with Jilly I don’t have a problem anymore. Amazing!”


“Jilly’s so special. I was miserable when I came to see her. I couldn’t do anything without leaking, I wouldn’t socialise because I was so scared I’d wet everywhere. And I didn’t let my husband near me. I honestly think we would have broken up if I hadn’t got better. I’m a new woman now! I even started running and have lost weight. She’s a gem. Couldn’t recommend her enough.”