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The Happy Bladder Program - For people with Pain

A 10-week, step by step, evidence-based program of videos to develop your own bespoke physiotherapy treatment for Bladder Pain Syndrome (Interstitial Cystitis). The course also comes with a 45 page course book for further reading. Go at your own pace & rewatch the videos as many times as you want whenever you need - from information to Pilates and Yoga style stretching sessions and mindfulness relaxation.

The online course is broken up into 10 weeks:

  1. What is Bladder Pain Syndrome and why do I have it?
  2. Threat & Bears – a wound up central nervous system and how to help your bladder
  3. A Better Bladder – what’s normal, what’s not and what can help
  4. TLC for your pelvic floor – how to relieve pelvic floor tension to alleviate pain
  5. Optimise your bowel – why it has an effect on the bladder and how to optimise it’s function
  6. Helping the hurt – why sometimes the genitals hurt and how to help them
  7. Brainpower – how brain physio can radically change your bladder symptoms
  8. Healthy Movement – why motion is lotion and gets you out of fight or flight
  9. Setting yourself up for success – writing your own roadmap for rehab
  10. Review and Rewind – What went well and what do you need to keep working on?

The aim of this course is to empower you with the medical knowledge so that You can be in charge of your rehabilitation. The course is best done whilst working with your physiotherapist or other healthcare provider to help you make more informed decisions about your treatment.

* For adults aged 18 and above only