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This is my passion


Not just my profession. It's my mission to ensure everyone can access evidenced physiotherapy treatment for pelvic problems.

Nobody should suffer the impact of incontinence, prolapse and pelvic pain without knowing the hope that physio treatment brings. Because there's always hope.

The evidence is strong that most pelvic conditions are resolved quickly with physiotherapy.

I'm fascinated by pain, how we embody and treat it, and get a real sense of achievement seeing my clients resolving their pain and accomplishing their goals.

I qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2008 and completed my Masters’ degree in 2016. I've worked extensively in the NHS, led a private hospital pelvic health service, opened my own clinic and started teaching professional development courses in 2016. I also guest lecture for the local University, have sat on the national executive committee for Pelvic, Obstetric, Gynaecological Physiotherapy, written for international journals and am collaborating on numerous international pelvic pain research projects.

In my spare time I enjoy open water swimming and compete in triathlons.

"Jilly has a gift to teach. She’s a fabulous tutor, inspiring, motivating, fun and informative. Her passion is contagious!"

EC - 2019 Course Bladder Hero

"The best course I've attended. Really engaging, introducing knowledge & skills you can put into practice immediately”

JM - 2020 Course Bladder Hero

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