Slow recovery and growth in 2022

courses Jan 06, 2022

Welcome to 2022!

I’m trying to start this year with positive intentions. Its easy to get lost in the fog of living in uncertainty, but I’m hopeful. Even in the bleakest of situations we can hold onto hope, hundred of patients living through their worst times have shown me this. And their stories of recovery have fuelled my hopefulness. There is always light where there is shade.

I’ll be honest, last year was a blur of survival. I find myself with two small funny toddlers wondering how we all got here. And where I am in all of this. No doubt pandemic isolation has heightened the murkiness of this transition to working motherhood. The struggle is real. How have women done this for decades?! I am coming to understand that the world of work was set up for men who had wives at home to do everything for them. If only we had a wife at home!... Any words of wisdom in navigating this transition are gratefully appreciated.
I used to love sitting still in January planning, finding a word to focus my intentions for the year ahead. It's never quite worked that way, so in the words of my friend Amanda Savage I'm going to pivot. If last year's word was "survival", this year is all about slow, steady recovery and sustainable growth.

I'm tentatively excited about the projects I have for this year.
1) I really miss teaching. Being with colleagues as passionate about pelvic health fills my cup. So my first priority this year is to get some live teaching going. I've always felt a great responsibility for potentially spreading long term illness by bringing together colleagues, but with vaccinations and testing available I feel like by the time the summer roles around we may be in a safer state.
- I'm working on securing two dates for LIVE COURSES in the summer, restrictions notwithstanding. Watch this space.
- There will be LIVE ONLINE courses this year! For those of you not wanting or unable to travel I've rejigged the course into a comfortable online offering. All the information but much more interaction and support from your tribe.

2) I've had to pivot away from direct clinical work but miss the thrill of problem solving. So I'm now offering professional mentoring to physios. If you want to come and chat through a difficult case, talk more about the specifics of pelvic pain treatment or are just looking for mentoring you can now BOOK sessions directly on my website. I'm looking forward to talking to you all!

3) Now I've got a little more time I want to spend it supporting my Tribe. So I'll be popping up with regular #TribeTalks every 6 weeks where we can have a collective debrief and I'll be giving mini evidence updates. Head to the Facebook Group for your link.

4) I'm so proud of my growing online offerings. I'm hoping to add another course by the end of the year. Have you caught up with the CUTI webinar yet? It's online now in bitesize snacks.

But more importantly, this is a year that I know I'll grow into the impossible task of being two people at once. I'm looking forward to finding my way there, thanks for bearing with the bumps along the way.
I can have wild dreams other years, this one is about slow, quiet recovery and growth, full of hope.

Sending lots of hope your way. Let me know how you're doing!


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