Slow recovery and growth in 2022

Welcome to 2022!

I’m trying to start this year with positive intentions. Its easy to get lost in the fog of living in uncertainty, but I’m hopeful. Even in the bleakest of situations we can hold onto hope, hundred of patients living through their worst times have shown me this. And their stories of recovery have fuelled my hopefulness. There is always light where there is shade.

I’ll be honest, last year was a blur of survival. I find myself with two small funny toddlers wondering how we all got here. And where I am in all of this. No doubt pandemic isolation has heightened the murkiness of this transition to working motherhood. The struggle is real. How have women done this for decades?! I am coming to understand that the world of work was set up for men who had wives at home to do everything for them. If only we had a wife at home!... Any words of wisdom in navigating this transition are gratefully appreciated.
I used to love sitting still in January planning,...

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Welcoming in 2018

If you thought 2017 was great, 2018’s going to be bigger and better… On the day of the winter solstice I sat down with my colleague Gillian McCabe for our mini Christmas Party. It was meant to be a coffee and catch up, a moment to pause and reflect on an eventful year for us both. Maybe there really was magic in the air but we were still talking gone midnight with an audacious plan for 2018: how we’re going to shake up Pelvic Health for the women (and men!) of Wales. More for our patients, more for our clinicians. (And yes, you can read a sneaky preview below!)

We’ve known each other for years having worked concurrently in neighbouring NHS health boards and on the same national education and governance committees, we’ve been through the Bradford Masters together (the only Pelvic Health postgrad course in the UK currently) and began private practice at the same time. This last year has been extremely hard work and neither of us would change it one bit!...

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