Guest blog: Recovering from urinary retention, Laura’s update

After delivering her first baby Laura went into Urinary Retention which caused an acute bladder injury. She was unable to pass urine and had no feeling that she needed to go. After an initial period of time with a catheter she has had to use Intermittent Self Catheterisation (ISC) to pass urine throughout the day.  If you haven’t read her last blog you can read it here.

We’ve been working together for a number of months and she’s making fabulous progress! I’ll let her tell you…

In my first ever blog post, I shared my story of retention post child birth. My journey of recovery is ongoing. I am still not completely ‘fixed’ yet but I am well on the way and now truly believe that I will get there in the end…whenever the end might be. There has been exciting highs but also really disheartening lows. Although I feel like it has been a lifetime since having a normal functioning bladder (when in reality, it’s only been 7 months),...

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