Do these exercises to quickly get rid of your pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy

Pregnancy isn’t meant to hurt. Period. A little discomfort, perhaps. But no true pain. It's common, but not normal.

About 30% of women get pain in and around the pelvis, hip, groin and back during pregnancy. This is probably as your pelvis ligaments get lax so you can deliver the baby, your posture changes as you get bigger and your abdominal muscles weaken. Women also tend to change how active they are, and how much they exercise. For more information about Pelvic Girdle Pain in pregnancy (previously called SPD) download this POGP leaflet.

It’s important to get any pain checked out – so make sure you have a chat with your midwife or GP. They can usually refer you to a physio locally. Getting a full assessment of your symptoms is important to get you on the road to recovery, and they may be able to do some other bits and bobs to make you feel better while you’re there.

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