How to train your bladder

Always on the toilet? Always looking out for a toilet? Watch this to stop having to rush back and forth during the day or night.

It’s time to Optimise your Bladder

How does a bladder normally act?

It’s normal to go to the toilet up to 8 times a day and not at all at night unless you’re over the age of 65. Each time you use the toilet you should pass between 200-300mls of urine. Your bladder should be able to comfortably store up to around 600mls, and because of this you should pass a larger volume during your first toilet trip of the day.

What can happen?

The bladder can become irritable or ‘overactive’. This is exacerbated by concern about leakage, irritation and pain. It may also be a result of habit, by emptying the bladder too often during the day. It’s important that you first get this checked out by your doctor, then if appropriate seek help from your local pelvic health physiotherapist.

If the bladder is never allowed to fill to its...

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