Guest blog: Laura's childbirth and bladder injury story

Laura really wanted to share her story so that other women who have problems with rentention can know they’re not alone, and know how to find help. Reading her frank and at times devastating account of the first few weeks of her son’s life isn’t easy, especially as a health professional who can see where and when she’s been failed. I’ve been inspired by her resilience at a time where she should be enjoying motherhood. With persistence she’s making great progress, and I really do feel the future’s going to be fine.

Not being able to open your bladder, or going into “retention” can sometimes happen with childbirth. If it isn’t caught quickly the bladder can overfill, overstretch and become injured. Sometimes this leads to kidney injuries too. Not being able to go to the toilet at all can be quite dangerous for the bladder and kidneys, so people are often taught to drain their bladders with a small disposable catheter....

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Its not about the wand

Watch the Vlog: It’s not about the wand… it’s about all the other marvellous things you do to heal pelvic pain

I’ve had a lot of great conversations since I put up my wand vlog,  and I find that I’m coming back to the same areas so I decided that it’s time we talk about the wand.

1 . It’s a great tool but it’s not for everyone

In my clinic I do use them regularly with patients with difficulties reaching their pelvic floor, problems with dexterity or force through their hands, or if they’re keen to try it but don’t like the idea of self-touch. They’re also great for people who really want to own their treatment and who get a great response from manual myofascial release with me. The rest of the time with people who are comfortable with self-touch I get them using their own thumbs with one leg up supported or when reclined. For those who aren’t comfortable with self-touch I start with a deep squat...

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And breatheā€¦ relax your pelvic floor muscles to ease pelvic pain

Got pelvic pain? Watch this video about how to relax your pelvic floor.

You know those times when you’re super busy working away at the computer for hours on end – you get tight shoulders and a headache? Your shoulder muscles get tight when you’re typing for hours and the knots and muscle tension can cause aching and a muzzy headache.

It’s exactly the same in your pelvis. When the pelvic floor muscles are ‘on’ or tight all the time you can get an aching or pain in the pelvis. Sometimes it can be really severe with stabbing pains up in the middle or into the back passage, tenderness or acute burning soreness on the outside or at the genitals and things like sex or going to the toilet can also be painful.

If this is something you’ve been experiencing then it’s worth getting it checked out. See your doctor and get a referral to your local Pelvic Health physiotherapist.

Relaxing your pelvic floor – or learning how to – is...

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