Pacing in Burnout - Welcome to 2020

In some ways being a pelvic health physio is very similar to being a counsellor – we have the same exposure to emotional trauma and provide emotional support. This article on burnout popped out at me the other day. Unlike counsellors we don’t get training and resources to tell you what to do, and it’s not spoken about.

When my Dad was dying I found myself completely overwhelmed by the needs of others. I love my job, I love the profession, but I was surviving one clinic to the next. I was head-down dug-in, just getting through each interaction and trying to stay alive, keep my Dad alive and support my family practically and emotionally. I was multitasking at an exponential rate; running clinic, running my business, running his medical situation. Working through emotional exhaustion I took everything personally, beating myself up for not ‘giving’ enough to support a patient and therefore taking their lack of progress, their hurt, their need for me to...

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Practising fierce, compassionate self-care in 2019

You can watch our chat here.

I first met Katie Kettner at a Happy Bladder Course in 2018. I found her enthusiasm for our profession and passion for collating ways in which she can help people rehabilitate utterly inspiring. She is a Women’s Health Physiotherapist based in the North East of England with a diploma in counselling, is currently working towards a diploma is psychosexual Medicine and is studying a pastoral certificate via Loyola University in Chicago including the study of the psychology of human development and our quest for meaning.

She says of herself

“I have a deep and fierce passion for Women! Since working in this field, I have developed a huge compassion and empathy towards Women’s health and feel enthusiastic to not just help Women, but to celebrate them and honour them; and encourage them to do the same. This desire has led me to some fascinating discoveries from all sorts of fields, including neuroscience and psychology which is helping...

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How to get into Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

I sat down with Gillian McCabe to discuss how you can get into Pelvic Health Physiotherapy. You can watch our chat here.

Getting a job in pelvic health can be much like working in a pub – you can’t work in a pub til you’ve got experience working in a pub…

And then there’s the question – what do we actually Do in pelvic health?

If you’ve got an inkling that this may be the career for you – hurrah! Congrats. You’ll be hard pressed to find such a rewarding profession.

Gill and I had a chcat about how we got into pelvic health, and how you could too.

Want to find out more? Have a look at the POGP website for the complete role of a Pelvic Health physio and for details of the upcoming workshops, events, and conferences.

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