Practising fierce, compassionate self-care in 2019

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I first met Katie Kettner at a Happy Bladder Course in 2018. I found her enthusiasm for our profession and passion for collating ways in which she can help people rehabilitate utterly inspiring. She is a Women’s Health Physiotherapist based in the North East of England with a diploma in counselling, is currently working towards a diploma is psychosexual Medicine and is studying a pastoral certificate via Loyola University in Chicago including the study of the psychology of human development and our quest for meaning.

She says of herself

“I have a deep and fierce passion for Women! Since working in this field, I have developed a huge compassion and empathy towards Women’s health and feel enthusiastic to not just help Women, but to celebrate them and honour them; and encourage them to do the same. This desire has led me to some fascinating discoveries from all sorts of fields, including neuroscience and psychology which is helping...

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