Talking pelvic pain treatment with Dr Jessica Reale

Lots of clinical pearls of wisdom! You can watch our conversation here.

I just had the pleasure of an EPIC chat with Dr Jessica Reale (Doctor of Physical Therapy) all about our clinical interpretation of the latest methods of treating pelvic pain. How and why do we do what we do? There’s some great examples and pearls of wisdom I’ve taken from this, as well as being a good benchmarking that we are all approaching it in a similar way. I’ve linked to all the apps and references for the papers mentioned below. You can find out more about her on her website by clicking HERE, along with a great blog of resources

It fills my soul with joy to connect with other physios interested in understanding and treating pelvic pain. To borrow her phrase, at this point in time it really does feel like we’re “pioneers” in this work. I’d put it less eloquently but the meaning is the same; we have pain and dysfunction based research not specific to the pelvis...

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Graded motor imagery and sensory integration for pelvic pain + IC/BPS

Graded motor imagery for pelvic pain + IC/BPS – should we be incorporating other senses? Watch the vlog here.

It’s time to be honest. Working in pelvic health can sometimes be lonely, in the UK we’re often in tiny clinics away from our teams. I’m certainly someone who thrives on discussing, debating and being challenged. So here are some of the things I’ve been doing with Graded Motor Imagery, how I’m approaching it at the moment and the realities of how it’s going – it takes time!

If you’ve got any comments, are using GMI or are passionate about treating or researching BPS I’d love to hear from you! Only from sharing our knowledge do we all improve. At the end of the day, that’s my mission – getting better at getting people better. Enjoy!

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