I think I’ve got Vulvodynia or Vaginismus, what can I do?

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Have you got Vulvodynia or Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is basically just tight pelvic floor muscles, which makes getting a tampon in or having penetrative sex painful or difficult. Your pelvic floor can be generally tight all the time (think about how tight your hamstrings get when you’ve been sat driving all day, the day after a run or you’ve never stretched them until that yoga class and down-dog was an experience..). Your pelvic floor muscles can also go into spasm when thinking about or having anything penetrate the vagina (like when your calf goes into cramp in the night). Both aren’t pleasant, and both are totally treatable. Treatment is exactly what you’d do with any other muscle – learn to relax them and give them a gentle (and regular) stretch. It shouldn’t hurt.

Vulvodynia is a pain in and on the vulva, where tests have shown there to be nothing ‘wrong’. I like to think of vulvodynia in these terms: your...

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